Thursday, December 17, 2009

play at the plate part two

This is another trade post that I've been procrastinating at posting. I've traded twice now with Brian from Play at the Plate.

He had mentioned that his son is now collecting and likes the Topps flagship and the Texas Longhorns. Whoo hoo! That's good for me as I need to get anything Longhorn related out of my household. Sorry not a big Longhorn fan.

Anyway, here is the original post: A Collector is Born.

If anybody is still looking to get rid of their series one and two cards this would be the place to unload them.

To his credit he sent me a bunch of Topps Mayo. Maybe not a bunch, more like a brick of cards. I'm still undecided about Mayo. I really like the new ones better than the 2008 cards. I think almost everybody does.

This was the first one in the stack. Nice to start off with a Packer.

This was the most awesomeness card he sent over. It looks like a cold day when they took this shot. Groovy hair too.

These posed head shots look pretty forced in Mayo though.

He sent me a bunch of minis too. I don't know why the minis of current players are in black and white and the inserts are all...

border="0" /> color. This David Crocket mini I pulled from a hobby pack is in color. (obviously!)

The scans I've seen of the other minis like the Team Namesake cards are all in color too. I'm not sure if these are parallels, or if they are all like that.

Here is a card I forgot to show off last time. It's a local guy who did pretty good last year in college and was able to go to the pros. Unfortunately he was drafted to the Clippers. At least he's in a warmer place this winter.

Speaking of warm places, here is one heart warming story about one of the best trades Brian has received: unexpected generosity

It's worth a look.

Sorry to keep posting stuff from your blog, but I just feel like shedding some light on some of the cool things I've read from your blog that other people might not have had the chance to see.

Thanks again for the cards. I think you've unwittingly started me on a path to collect the Mayo set. Yikes! I'm not sure I need to start a new set to collect, but It'll be fun to try.


Play at the Plate said...

Thanks for the very kind comments. If I run across any Mayo I'll send it your way since I got you started down that dark path! Any Sooners are yours as well.

Play at the Plate said...

By the way, I'm finally getting your cards posted on Saturday (the package with the Neftali Chrome). Thanks again.

Jeremy said...

Okay cool. I'd like to have the inside track for any Sooners you've got. I seem to pull a lot of former Longhorns, so I don't know if you're son would like those, but they're yours if you want them.

Don't worry about the trade post. If you have a chance to get to it, that's fine. If not that's good too.