Saturday, January 16, 2010

collecting lag

I've been in sort of a weird mood lately. I have the urge to buy cards, but nothing really grabs me these days. Also, the Walmart and Target don't seem to have much in the way of interesting cards to buy.

Getting cards sent to your mailbox is also a good way of alleviating the urge to buy new stuff. What could be better than getting cards that you need for set building?

So on that note I'd like to show off some cards I got in a trade with Pack Addict.

Last time he sent me some cool cards that I wasn't expecting and he didn't disappoint this time either.

My new plan of action for 2009 Topps series one and two and especially the series one cards is to wait for 2010 and get a bunch of discount blasters. In the meantime I might buy a random hobby pack or two.

So it's really nice when I get some of those cards in the mail in trades.

First up is the Milton Bradley card.

I always laugh at his name. This is a good example of a horizontal card. Dark uniform set against a multi-colored out of focus fan base. Nice.

Next up is the Coco Crisp card.

Again, another name that makes me smile. Again, another cool horizontal card and just like the Bradley card both batters are looking at the ball during their follow through.

This is a nice vertical card and reaffirms that Indians cards usually have the best action shots. I've been a fan of the retro logo hats that the Indians sometimes wear for a long time now.

Keeping with the funny names theme, this guy happens to share my first name. Kind of interesting. I wonder if purposely did this.

Next up are the football cards I asked for in trade.

Mark Clayton.

I don't get to see a lot of Ravens' games, but every time I do it seems Mark is making a catch. He was one of my favorite players to watch in '01 and '02 at OU. My favorite catch and run of his was in the 2002 game against Alabama. He juked and jumped his way past a couple of defenders and made them look like their legs were made of jelly.

Here's a Juaquin rookie card. Like most people, I'm not sure what really constitutes a "rookie" card. I mean, I realize it says "rookie", but I don't know if this will be one of the cards that will be worth anything in a few years.

Actually I don't care much about the monetary worth of these base cards. I just like to get cards of former OU players.

This Brandon Jackson card will go nicely in the Packers binder.

I have a few of these Score cards and this will fill in those holes nicely.


If anybody is wondering, A.D. stands for "All Day" which is Adrian's nickname since his childhood days playing little league football. This will go nicely on the Adrian page. I just don't know which page yet. I'm still navigating how I want my player pages to look.

He sent over not one,

but 4 different Mickey Tettleton cards. He's a local guy that's from OKC and I'm assuming he currently lives in Norman. It's cool to have some of his cards. I had only one up to this point. This will help fill out a binder page.

Two National Pride cards that I needed.

I really need to buy that second box of Allen and Ginter. I love those cards and I really feel like I need to put away that set.

... a really cool Bobby Murcer card. He passed away this past year in OKC. He was a pretty solid player for the Yankees in a time when they weren't doing so well.

The card itself is pretty nice. Their is a raised textured outlining the wrinkles in his uniform and also in his hair. A really neat card. It's a lot thicker than most cards. It has rounded corners and the dark border with the gold lines makes it look older than the year it was produced:1992

The next card is also from an Oklahoma native.

This is one of the most interesting cards that I've seen. The Mick is hanging out with a cool camera and a telephoto lens. You can see at least one other player fiddling with his camera in the background.

This is the second Stadium Club card that I've received in trades. I'm already convinced that all these cards are pretty dope. (Referring to something as "dope" has never occurred to me in my non-blogging life.)

I might have to search out some of these cards. I've bought some of the '08 Stadium Club football, but they're not even on the same planet as these cards.

And lastly the actual card that started this trade.

The 1970's World Champions Mets card. It looks a little like it's got an off set printing problem. The reds and blues don't quite match up. Or is is cyans and magentas? It gives the card a 3-D effect. That would be a cool idea for a card. Unless it's already been done already, somebody should do an insert set like that. Maybe a retro themed product could have a 3-D boxtopper or a replacement for the manu-patches in blasters of Topps baseball.

This is probably the oldest baseball card that I own. There's nothing like a 40 year old card to make me not want to buy any new product. I need to see if the card dude is at the flea market tomorrow or even if their is a flea market tomorrow. I'm kind of in the mood for old stuff now.

Thanks again for the cards. I love them.


Collective Troll said...

who knew that the Mick was a shutterbug, too? Very nice...

Jeremy said...

Cards like that make me curious. I'm always wondering why they all would be hanging out with cameras during a game. I'm assuming it's some exhibition or summer league thing maybe.

packaddict said...

I was hoping you didn't have that Mantle yet. Very interesting card. Glad you enjoyed them! Your cards were great too and I'm glad we traded. I should have a review up soon.