Thursday, January 14, 2010

Trade with BrimeyBlotter-cool Adrian Peterson cards

A fellow blogger Brian Sterns had come across my blog a few months ago and runs a nice blog of his own at Brimey Blotter.

He's just now getting into card collecting and is focusing more on football for now, but plans to start collecting baseball next year.

He emailed me recently saying he was just one card away from finishing his first set 2009 Topps Football Kickoff. Fortunately I had that very card to help him out.

He sent me some cool cards as well as a few for my Adrian Peterson collection.

On with the cards!!

Topps Kickoff is the Opening Day of the Topps football world.

The cool thing about Kickoff is the Kickoff Komics subset.

I laughed out loud at the Kurt Warner card. So true.

I had pulled a few of these cards and these 7 cards were a nice addition to my collection.

Continuing with the Kickoff cards a cool A.D. card.

The Stars of the Game subset is pretty cool. They're kind of reflectory and silverish!

I'm still searching for the Adrian Stars of the Game card.

These Bowman cards are really nice. I need to buy some of these. I love the design. And of course I really like this one since it's my favorite player. I think out of the 10-15 A.D. cards I have he always seems to be wearing his road jersey. Not that it makes any difference, just an observation.

A cool Chad Pennington card.

The Josh Freeman card he sent over is cool. The only card I have similar to this is some cards that my grandma got from some Hostess bread.

This is the first new card I have with the technology. Here he is in his Buccaneer's uniform...

... and when you tilt it, you can see him in his Kansas State uniform. I remember this guy from when he was a Wildcat. We played against him a couple of times I believe. Maybe just once, I don't remember. I sort of stopped paying attention to KSU when they stopped being competitive, but since Bill Snyder's back in town things will change.

Thanks again for the cards. I'm really happy to get them. I'm hoping yours gets there soon.

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