Friday, January 29, 2010

Old School NFL packs

I picked up some cool cards the other day. I blog yesterday about the cool painted cards I got. Today I was going to show of the other cards that I bought. Most of them are "traditional" cards that just include photos, but some are sketchy drawn cards.

I'll start with the 1992 cards that I actually do know a little bit about.
Apparently their is a 30 card team subset detailing NFL broadcasters.

I checked around for checklists, but couldn't find any.

This is a pretty cool set of cards of broadcasters.

Some are obviously career broadcasters.

And others are former players turned broadcasters.

This card reminds me of when I actually liked this guy.

I think he's completely hard to follow and/or watch these days.

I still like Tom though.

Here's a shot of him in his playing days.

Sometimes I get the feeling that he's thinking to himself, "why am I teamed up with this idiot?"
"How is it that I can't break out and do some other show with somebody who can speak coherently?"

You can see him just nodding his head along hoping that "Boom" finishes up soon so that they call actually break down the game. I know Berman is just trying to set the scene up for us, but it's just unnecessary.

Speaking of unwatchable..

... He's not that bad though. Maybe it's because I haven't seen/heard him in a while so I've forgotten how he is as a broadcaster.

Some of the cards have pretty cool action shots.

I've always liked these types of shots because of the ball coming towards the camera. The look on Bradshaw's face is pretty cool too.
I like this guy as a broadcaster too. He's been around ever since I was a little kid.

Another "pack" of cards had Keith Jackson on the front.

He played tight end at OU. I only remember him for one play: it was an end around against Nebraska. That's right, we didn't know what to do with wideouts and tight ends except use them for blocking and running the ball. It would never occur to us to actually throw down field more than 4 to 5 times a game. I guess when you have 3 backs, a qb that can run and tight ends running the ball, you don't need to throw much.

He was a first round selection and 13 overall despite only having 62 career catches for 1,407 yards. It's still good for an average of 23.7 yards per catch. Still really good yardage.

Some other cool cards are this AFC Wild Card game card.

At first it took me a minute to figure out how they took this photo. I assumed they didn't have all the cameras on wires at that time. They're playing in the old Astrodome though. With ceilings to hang cameras from. Maybe they did have the cameras on the wire thing in 1991, I'm not sure. Pretty cool perspective.

A cool Packers team card.

I know it's an obvious joke, but they don't look like they're huddling up. They look like they've lost something on the ground.

That's it for now. I've got more on the way.

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