Thursday, January 21, 2010

I had to buy a few packs - Topps Baseball 2010

I couldn't help myself when I saw the cards being posted online. I just knew that I had to check out some of the new cards. I wanted to buy something new and I'm not so excited about the extra Updates and Highlight cards included in packs of Heritage so this is what I picked up instead.

It's always nice to get to pick up something new.

I posted the first of the two packs I picked up over at A Pack to Be Named Later.

I thought I wouldn't like the swoosh thing on the side and the overall layout when I saw the previews. Actually the cards look pretty cool. As it turns out I was more turned off of the cards mainly because of the photography. I'm only judging the photos from like 18 cards so it's probably not that accurate of a representation of the photos, but so far I'm not that impressed.

Here's what I'm talking about. Three examples of action shots, but it's more like after the action shots and you can't really see the player's faces.

And when the do show the players face he's either out of focus...

... or they are just standing there. Kind of lame.

Here is a posed shot.

A little awkward.

The insert cards are kind of cool. Here is a skinny Pedro.

This is from the Cards Your Mom Threw Out set. They show Pedro with the Expos in a 1997 card design.

Here is the back of the Robin Yount card I pulled in the first pack. I'm too lazy to scan both backs.

I don't know what card this is.

I looked at the back to find out the odds.

Of course it doesn't say anything except to check out the website. Crap!

This is what I see when I look to the website.

So I guess it's not like real cards, but sort of like a vintage toppstown card maybe? I guess I'll find out in 3 weeks.
Any of these cards on this post or the one I posted up to A Pack to Be Named Later. that anybody wants they can have. I'll trade for any of these, except the Josh Thole card and the Million Card Giveaway card.


gritz76 said...

The code card is part of there give away. They are giving away at least one of every card ever produced and the code is redeemed for one card. You can have it delivered or have it saved and trade with others or until you get more saved up and then have it delivered.

Field of Cards said...

Neat concept on those redeemed cards.

It's funny that 'The Cards Your Mom Threw Away' include cards up to at least the late 90's. Moms have been throwing cards away for 50 years, it seems.

Jeremy said...

I kind of wish it was "cards your grandmother threw away of your dad's cards that might be actually hard to find otherwise" subset. haha. I think that the idea is cool. All the inserts look pretty cool. I'm just not sold on the base cards that much.

@gritz76 When I read the website it makes me think it's cards for my collection to trade online. the wording makes me think it wasn't going to be an actual card. I hope I'm wrong. I'd like to get a real life card instead of a virtual card.