Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ho Ho Holiday Contest winnings!

I just got my winnings in the mail today from Beardy, who hosted the cool
Ho Ho Holiday Contest last month. My entry was good for Honorable Mention, which is about where I hoped to finish. Their were a lot of great entries, and I'm glad to at least have not embarrassed myself.

I had sort of forgotten to check out the post that had the list of winnings for the top three to choose from. The funny thing is, the cards that were left over that I wanted where the exact ones that Beardy sent over to me. My good luck continues!!

I know everybody wants to see the bounty so here goes...

First up is a Luis Cruz auto card. When I looked at the back I was wondering why it was serial numbered. I didn't even notice the auto at first. It's a sticker auto, but blends in really well with the design of the card.

It's a 2008 Donruss Threads card. When I look at the card the "Houston" nameplate at the top always makes me think it's one of those anti-theft sticky things that they hide in CD's. I guess they hide them in a lot of different things, but not at the top of baseball cards. It makes me do a double take, but I guess I should get over it.

I'm assuming he's wearing a Greeneville jersey which is an affiliate of the Red Sox, so I wonder why it's got a Houston label on the top. It's a pretty cool looking card simply for the crop of the player and especially his facial expression.

The next up is a Fred Lewis bat relic from this years Allen and Ginter set.

Still love this set. I have a Rocco Balldelli bat relic as well, getting anything Ginter related is cool to me.

Next up is a Matt Jones rookie refractor card.

I know immediately who this is. He is a former University of Arkansas quarterback who played my team the University of Oklahoma in the 2002 Cotton Bowl. We won. One of the last meaningful bowl games we won. I'm not sure if any of the bowl games including the national championship game is really that meaningful. Maybe a playoff type postseason might be the best,but for now this is what we got to live with.

He looks a little creepy on the back.

This card is also serial numbered. Hmmm. That's pretty cool. I think this guy might have gotten arrested for cocaine possession at some point. I don't remember though.
I didn't keep up with the Razorbacks much at that point, but I do remember that Matt Jones was the fast mobile quarterback and the other guy was more of the pocket passer. If memory serves me correct, I think they would have little run/option type packages for Jones to run on his own. They didn't call it the Wildcat then, but I think this might be a precursor to that idea. The head coach of that team Houston Nutt is the guy usually credited to coming up with the Wildcat, right?

Next up is the pants relic card from the movie "Outlander". I haven't seen this movie. According to IMDB it is
a movie about vikings.

Anyway, it's some piece of pants from John Hurt. A pretty cool actor. His pants are a little leathery. (Yeah, I felt them up). This is my first time to own a piece of Hollywood memorabilia and it reminds me a little of Jon Voight's pencil from that Seinfeld episode. I hate to keep bringing up that show, but it's one of my all time faves. The pencil in the episode is found in "John Voight's" car and has teeth marks on it, and they set out to get Jon Voight to bite the pencil to see if the teeth marks match up. Those cut ups!

Next up is a 2008 Allen and Ginter pants relic from Bobby Crosby.

I love Ginter from all seasons. The 2008 Ginter season seems a little cold to me with all the white space around the subject, but still a nice set. Especially with the minis and relics it removes a lot of that white space and makes the figure more of a main design element than just a little figure on a white card.

... and lastly we have a Ryan Ludwick refractor numbered to 399.

It's nice. It has a trivia question on the back and I didn't even have to rub it with a coin.

Cool stack of cards. I'm really glad to have gotten them. Thanks again Beardy for the contest and the cards.


Mark's Ephemera said...

Nice cards, both the Festivus card and your winnings. I knew you could do it.

Jeremy said...

Thanks man. I really liked your card too.