Sunday, January 10, 2010

Possible Ebay fake?

I feel kind of stupid even writing this, but I won't feel good unless I know for sure so I thought I'd see if anybody out their could help me out.

I've seen a few football related cards in the design of 2009 Allen and Ginter. I believe it is a 20 card set featuring current and former NFL players in mini form.

They are billed as Target exclusives. I haven't bought many cards from Target, mainly because their selection lately has kind of sucked and I'm sort of in a funk about what to buy.

Actually I haven't seen any mention of these online or the Topps website. I haven't spent a ton of time on it, but I thought if somebody dropped by my blog, they might know for sure.

So here goes.

I finally found an Adrian Peterson mini that was close enough to my price range that I bid and won one.

Here is the front of the card.

It looks like a real A&G card on the front though. Still has that same textured look in the shadows like 2008 Mayo and the past two years A&G cards. The logo and name plate and everything looks authentic.

I'm sure it's legit, but the back of the card sort of bothers me more though.

The numbering system is a little weird. I would assume AG7 would refer to Allen and Ginter number 7, right? Well, why would they number it that way? Shouldn't it be like FH7 like Football Heroes or something different? Maybe I'm just being too suspicious. I've never had a horrible experience on Ebay, just a few missed auctions, but nothing too bad. I don't know why anybody would fake a card that wasn't an auto or relic or something that wasn't really worth a lot of money.

Here is the back of the card with two other minis for comparison.

You can see that it's darker and it has the little fake smudges like you would see on a Turkey Red or 206 card.

So am I being too paranoid? Has anybody seen cards like this in person?

Bottom line, is it's a cool card for my Adrian Peterson collection even if it is a fake. I didn't spend much money on it, so it's not like I got robbed. I just would like to figure out if it's "real" or not.

It would be a nice set to finish too. I like football and was wondering why they didn't have a few retired players in the base set like a Johnny Unitas for example. I realize it's a baseball set and the Mayo would be the football equivalent, but I really like that AD is included in some form on a Allen and Ginter card.

So am I completely nuts?


Sooz said...

I looked this card up in Beckett and it's there. 2009 Topps Target Exclusive Allen and Ginter #AG7.

I don't much about football cards. So, I hoped this helped some.

Jeremy said...

Okay thanks! I haven't really checked out the Beckett site much. It doesn't make sense for a card like that to be a fake, but I was just curious.