Monday, October 19, 2009

Close to the finish line-Trade with Sharpe Since 92

I'm currently trying to finish up to different baseball sets. 2009 Allen and Ginter and Topps Baseball. I consider series one and two to be one set. I'm also trying to finish the 2009 Turkey Reds. I'm going to do the updates and highlights the easier way and just buy a hobby box, but since I didn't know about hobby boxes when I started the topps flagship baseball product, I've just been buying random hobby packs and blasters to finish that one up.

One of my newest trade partners is Jim and Kara from the blog:
Sharpe Since 92

He sent me a huge stack of cards for my collections He also sent me some Turkeys for my collection. This is probably the biggest trade I've done so far.

Interesting background. I like the trees, and it's a nice change of pace to have a player sitting at a bench. It looks like one of those benches at the food court or a playground. I don't like the shadows from the flash behind him though. I think they should have edited those out. Looks too amateurish.

I never get tired of these. Sorry, but I have to show off a few more.

Two current players....

..two older players. The transition between the older and newer players is seamless. It really is my favorite insert set. I'm looking forward to finishing this one off soon. Hopefully sooner rather than later, but that's the fun of collecting for me, just slowly getting it together. When it starts to seem like "work" then I lost interest.

I'm also gonna show off the cool action Ginter cards he sent over.

This is nice. I think that's an ad for Applebees on the bottom of the card, but I'm not sure. I kind of wish their was a little more separation from the background on this card. He seems to blend in to the background too much for me. His pose reminds me of a Will E. Coyote cartoon. When I first looked at it, He seemed to be levitating above the ground.

Couldn't find a perfect shot of what I was looking for, after doing a search, I spent probably an hour on you tube and online looking at all the old cartoons. I used to love the Warner Bros stuff, but they would only show a few of the same cartoons every Saturday. Not enough variety.

Ginter's horizontal action base cards look the best!

Now I have a companion to go with my Sitting Bull. I wonder if their is a Crazy Horse card out there? That'd be cool to have.

I've always liked this card from all the scans online.

Whewww!! Only 71 more base to go! I'm almost there. After a few trades, one hobby box, a couple of blasters and about 24 hobby packs I'm pretty close. Typing this out I realize that I should've just used some restraint and just waited to buy two hobby boxes at first rather than buying all those loose hobby packs. Oh well, it's hard to avoid the Ginter at the counter.

Thanks again!


Goose Joak said...

Love the card of Big Erv!

dinged corners said...

Great first post. Love that Ellsbury card, hadn't seen it before.

Welcome to the nuthouse.

Jeremy said...

Yeah Dave, I really like his pose on that card. Funny, and not too forced.

DC: So far, that's the most unusual Turkey Red card as far as the '09's go, I think. Of course, I haven't seen all of them yet, so I could be wrong. I like it a lot too though.