Thursday, August 14, 2008

Veronyca and Yafet's Wedding 8-8-08

For my first blog entry I'd like to showcase some photos I took on this past Friday. As most of you know it is 8-8-08 which has a special meaning for Chinese people. I had the good fortune to take some photos of my two friends' sister getting married that day on the OU campus. Here are a few of them.

This is one of my cross processing attempts.
It was actually a shot I really liked, but I sort
of overexposed it and the cross processing is
an attempt to salvage the image.

The kiss:

Ceremony finished at 8:00 pm on 8-8-08. That's a lot of prosperity for one couple....

I guess I should mention for the people who might not notice/care that these shots were taken at the University of Oklahoma football stadium also known as Gaylord Family Memorial Stadium.