Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ginta-A-Cuffs Video Break part 1

Since I have been blogging for a little over a year now, I thought I'd break out the video camera and do a video box break. Or in this case a partial box break. This covers the box topper and packs 1-4.

A few things I noticed about this video once I previewed it:

A: I didn't realize that I had Shrute hair.
B: Lose some weight.
C: Enunciate or subtitle the video so that people can understand me.
D: Possibly hold the cards in front of the lens a little longer.

Despite those short comings, the video is some what entertaining. Not much going on, but maybe next time I can make it better.

Here is my scoring for the packs so far:

Cabinet Card
Jacoby Ellsbury +8 points

Anthony Gatto
Ian Desmond
Kurt Suzuki
Jimmy Rollins
Adam Lind
Josh Hamilton
Teixeira Celestial mini Yankee -1 point
I think these are the code cards so for now I'm calling it +2-1=1 point
Manny TDIH +1

2 points

Pedroia Favorite Player +2
Felix Hernandez
Carl Crawford Sketch card and Favorite Player +5
DeJesus A&G mini +2
Francisco Rodriguez TDIH Favorite Team and TDIH +2
11 points

Da Vinci
W. Venable
J.D. Drew
Mejia Favorite Team: +1 Point
Young Favorite Player: +2
SSS9 Pizarro +4
Utley TDIH Favorite Player and TDIH:+3

10 points

Wright Favorite Team and Favorite Player +3
Manny Ramirez
Cano Yankee -1 point
E. Jackson
Uehara Auto mini +5 Points
Hudson mini
TDIH A. Ramirez +1

8 points

I think that makes 39 points so far.

Thanks for watching/reading. If you have any critiques let me know.


Matt Runyon said...

I like the pictures of the cards that you added. I would be a good idea to do that for any "hits" or other oddities. Nice job. :)

Jeremy said...

Well, it's probably going to have to be "oddities" rather than "hits" because the hits haven't been hitting. Ha Ha.

Sucks, but I'm thinking the hits will come later. Thanks for checking out the video. I'm going to add more scans to the videos from now on.

night owl said...

The pictures of the cards are good because the camera doesn't appear to be close enough for people to see the cards when you hold them up.

And like you say, you've got to enunciate more.

Overall though I liked it. Good idea. Nice to see Gint-a-Cuffs in that format!

Jeremy said...

For the next round I moved the camera closer, but not too close as I didn't want the shot too tight.

If I have it far away, you can't see the cards very well. If I put the camera closer, I feel it's a little too close for comfort. I think I might have found a happy medium. I'm thinking that scanning the cards is worth the extra time.

Thanks for the critique.