Tuesday, August 2, 2022

10 Years Gone

 Almost 10 years have gone by since I last posted. 10 YEARS!!! How does time fly by so fast? 

So many things that happened. Good and bad. Nothing different from anybody else's life, but still....10 years!!!??? I still can't believe it. I put most of my collecting on hold. Life happens and most of that was more important than my collecting hobby. I have like 5 hobbies going at once, so this one took a back seat for a while.

I would go to the hobby store and grab some singles from the sets I'm collecting, but I pretty much decided I wasn't interested in buying and building new sets anymore. I did grab a few Garbage Pail Kids and a random pack or two of "new stuff", but mostly just a bunch of randomness.


Saw these Chrome GPK's online, but they didn't really grab me, but seeing them in person changes my mind a little bit. I do like shiny chrome. Who doesn't? I still haven't seen any A&G in chrome and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like it as it just doesn't make sense to me. The appeal of A&G is that it is a retro set and as such, probably looks better without all the 21st century snazziness. If I ever see a chrome pack of A&G these days I'd probably buy a pack as I can't seem to find much at the Walmarts and Targets like in the past.

GPK is one of my all time favorites, but they be a little hit or miss on the concept of their new sets. This was from the 35th anniversary set and it was really right up my alley as it more of a homage(I won't say re-hash) of the older sets that I remember from my childhood.

This was from 2017 I think. It was a music based set. It makes me feel old sometimes. Before this post I heard a song by Sting's band and for the life of me I couldn't think of the name of his old band. Took me hours to remember "The Police". I'm getting old.

I don't even remember buying this. I consider myself a Star Wars fan. Actually it was the first ever movie that I watched. I don't see anything of note in this pack.

I got a few cheap boxes from Facebook marketplace. Some Stadium Club, 90's era Football Pro Set, and this really cool box of Series One Mad Magazine. 




Really weird checklist numbering system. I guess keeping up with the concept of "Mad". I was able to build a couple of sets of this stuff and have a few packs left over.  Someday I really need to do a random box break/pack break thing with my random unopened packs. Not that I have a lot of unopened packs. Really hard to resist ripping packs when I have them.



Having not been a collector in the early nineties, I didn't really realize how big these pro sets were. I thought for sure I could get close to finishing up a set with 36 packs, but I didn't. I still got the painted Super Bowl MVP subset finished though. Or at least, I think I did. I need to check again. I have a LOT of dupes from these sets. 

I don't know what to think of the design of this set. I sort of like it, but it doesn't really elicit any excitement for me. Fun to rip open though.  I need to search out more older boxes like this.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully I'll be more proactive in the future with some more posts.



night owl said...

Wow, now HERE'S a blast from the past! Is Dinged Corners going to show up next?

Glad you came back to this thing.

Jeremy said...

Yep, I'm back at it for now. Thanks. Hopefully I can keep it up! It's a fun thing to do.