Thursday, July 23, 2009

A and G the quest continues

My A and G set building quest continued with a trip to Target to see if they have any retail blasters for sale. I read on a few different blogs that they were hitting the shelves and I wanted to see for myself how this would work out in helping me to build my set.

My count is 20 loose packs from two different hobby shops and now one Target retail blaster. So far that will put the total number of cards at roughly 160 minus the 3 hits so far to equal at about 157 cards with only 10 duplicates and a few Ginter Code Duplicates as well. That's not including the blaster.

I know they're a lot of collectors that are finishing up multiple hobby boxes. My intention for this ego-centric blog posting is geared more towards the collector who recently starting collecting again and who might be interested in my experiences with buying random retail and hobby packs and the occasional blaster instead of a hobby box. Hopefully next month I can splurge on a hobby box for myself. I think I need to treat myself to at least one hobby box this year. I was going to pick up a blaster of Topps Football Magic, but after buying a retail blaster I think that I might hold off on that one.

So far buying random hobby packs has worked well. I've gotten a few hits and quite a few for my base set. In addition to my base set I'm trying to find a way to get at least a few of the subsets in the black border mini variety.

In this Target blaster it promises 7 packs + 1 extra pack at 6 cards per pack = 48 cards.

I was able to pull 30 base cards, 8 National Pride cards, 2 Sketch cards, 8 minis and one crack the code card.

I didn't pull any doubles. The hits were few and far between though. I did receive a black bordered horizontal wang and a Pedroia Bazooka back hand numbered 23/25. That's my first bazooka back.

I also pulled another Braille with an A&G back to go with my black bordered Braille card. I could pull two more of these mini Braille cards and not feel like I had received any doubles.

I guess the two sketch cards were also considered hits even though I'm kind of iffy on those sketch cards. I think it's because of that A-rod I pulled first and it looks so crappy that it ruined all the other sketch cards for me. Actually they're not that bad looking.

The only downside was the two cards that were damaged. Two National Pride cards: NP52 and 15. The 52 is one that I needed to fill a gap in my collection and it's the worst of the two. It sort of looks like it's pushed down in one tiny section in the top. I'm assuming it's what's referred to as "roller marks". Their is also another mark on the side.

Here's the number break down.

Base set:15,49,50,56,68,78,83,84,107,114,126,142,145,146,150,156,159,179, 205,206,220,248,252,284,285, 288,

SP: 334,336,343,350

AGHS: 13,14

NP: 15, 46,47,48,49,50,51,52,

Mini 27(black border),71,185(BB hand numbered),260(A&G),264(A&G),333



If you're still reading, you'll notice how weird it is that some cards come in big sequential numbering no matter the set or subset.

On a personal note I pulled 13 base set doubles and 2 NP doubles. So I guess for building a base set the retail blasters is the way to go. (Duh! We already knew that!) I didn't really even think for a minute I might get the auto, relic or cut signature cards, but still curiosity made me pick one up. All in all I think it's a good way to pick up some cards and Target is always open unlike "real" hobby shop guy.

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