Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Favorite action shots

So far I haven't had the chance to blog about the best part of sports cards. I'm not really interested in the relic, game used, DNA crazy signature or piece of a bat cards. Those cards are cool in their own way, and I always excited to pull one of those out of a pack. I haven't pulled very many, but it's always a nice bonus to the base cards.

But since I grew up with all the old cards my interests run with a basic card. I try to deconstruct the design and photography of the cards, but even the cards that kind of suck really aren't that bad. Occasionally their will be a weirdo card, but usually these days the cards look pretty good over all.

I'll start out with a slow pitch here.

Kind of awkward positioning of the two players. It's cool that Konerko is completely off the ground, but two guys in the same shot really doesn't do it for me this time.

This is a little better. A dude tryin' to make a double play.

I always like this shot because it looks like Utley's trying to jump on his head.

This is nice not because of the play but because of the two expressions of the players. Jeter's WTF? expression is funny and Aybar looks like he's having a stroke.

Also you can see the ball in focus with no blurring and that's cool.

Betancourt rounding the bases at full steam is a nice changeup.

Batter and ball is a nice power hit. Look at his cheeks. He's really trying to make contact.

Full extension from Hank Blalock. He's completely off the ground. Nice shot.

But my absolute favorite shot right now as of this minute. Actually I re-found it after getting all Gintery these past few weeks and forgot I had pulled it. Now I have it sitting on my desk to admire this shot. This is my walk off home run card. Game over, this is my new favorite.

I love it. The anticipation of the ball coming into the frame hopefully finding it's way to Milledge's glove. The position of his body, the expression even the fact that it's a horizontal makes it one of my favorite cards to own. No pieces of jersey, no serial number or gold label, just a basic card you can get at a supermarket (or super Wal Mart). Beautiful photography sharing space in your bag of groceries with the canned goods, chips and toilet paper.

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